Yusuf Mehdi leaves clues on the most possible renovation of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book

We have a Microsoft Event on May 23rd in Shanghai. An act of which we know very little but given the presence of Panos Panay, one of those responsible for Surface, is sure to have as main protagonist some Surface device.

Surface device

And is that when we all expected to know the Surface Pro 5 in the Spring Event, we took a relative surprise to meet the Surface Laptop.

So we had to forget about Surface Pro 5 and still have Surface Pro 4? Well according to the statements to Bloomberg by Yusuf Mehdi, CVP of the Windows group and Microsoft Devices, it might not.

The Surface range has experienced a drop in sales revenues of 26% which may be due to both the lack of news and the contagion of the decline in sales of tablets for the tenth consecutive quarter.

A decrease that despite the presentation of the Surface Laptop insurance that has not been well received in Redmond.

And we have been waiting for the Surface Pro 5 that is being prayed and many buyers have not done with the Surface Pro 4 waiting for the “possible” new model.

A renewal that Microsoft would have hoped to have listed over the past month April, something obviously did not happen to see a new device arrive in its place.

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And so, when some were already hopeless Yusuf Mehdi arrives and reveals that we could attend an update of Surface Pro 4 “soon.”

“With Surface, we want to create new categories within computing, something we already did with the Surface Book, Surface Studio, and the Surface Pro family. We went hand in hand with HP, Dell, Lenovo to grow the Windows ecosystem. The last year, we have grown thanks to the Surface family.This last year, it is true that we have seen sales have fallen due to the competition of products from other manufacturers in the same segment as the Surface Pro. We could see an update to Surface Pro 4 soon after the arrival of the Surface Laptop”

From Redmond could thus have in mind to launch (who knows if in Shanghai) a new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 and a Surface Book 2.

In this way and within a month from Redmond they would have set the bar very high when it comes to a renewed catalog of devices. We will be attentive to what happens in the coming days.

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