YouTube hires a VR Evangelist…whatever that means

YouTube has hired Jaunt VR Vice President Scott Broock as its “Global VR Evangelist,” hinting that the company could be making a bigger push for virtual reality.

Broock, who announced his new position via Twitter, previously worked as a VR Evangelist — a term to consider if you’re updating your resume, we guess — for Jaunt VR.

A California-based company, Jaunt VR specializes in virtual reality production, primarily VR-enabled original film content and the NEO — a camera system developed for shooting 360-degree videos.

Broock also created content for organizations like ABC News, Nickelodeon, and WIRED, with experience in developing television programs and multi-platform video projects.

While little else has been revealed besides Broock’s new title, the hiring of a producer versed in VR may indicate that YouTube could be making moves with Google Cardboard, or producing more virtual reality content in the future.

The news comes right after Apple dropped hints showing interest in virtual reality, which could necessitate companies like Google, HTC, and Oculus to step up their game in the VR market.

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TechRadar reached out to Google for further comment, who were able to confirm Broock’s hire on YouTube’s content team, but had nothing else to add or comment.

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