YouTube GO launched as a beta version

Google released the first version of the YouTube Go app in the Play Store.

YouTube GO

With her help save phone memory videos that you want to see on the way to be viewed offline resulting in a consumption much less mobile data that you can keep for more important things.

Data can be stored on SD card if you have one installed on your phone and you can choose the quality of the video will be saved as it looks and images above.

The application is not much different from the standard YouTube app but instead, you’ll be asked if you want to download the video rather see him.

Basic Quality will be the resolution 144p and 360p Quality Standard.

Resolutions are small, but the application is for more areas with poor mobile Internet connections.

You can also transfer videos via Bluetooth to another user but as a measure to check the application must have access to the Internet for verification of 15kb.

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Given that sees acceptable 360p on mobile screens might not be such a big problem, the lack of options 720p or 1080p.

Not available for download anywhere in the world but try the link below.

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