You’ll never have to leave Facebook Messenger to request an Uber again

Hailing an Uber is already incredibly convenient, but today the ride-sharing service took it one step further by integrating with Facebook Messenger.

Now, you never have to leave a chat to order an Uber. If someone sends you an address, you can tap on the address and request an Uber from within Messenger.

Or, you can click on the little car icon or select Transportation from the menu button, and before you know it, your Uber is on its way.

Uber will send you ride updates within Messenger, and a note pops up in chats so your friends know you’ve requested a ride. You can also pay for Uber without having to leave your conversation.

If you already use Uber, you can sync up your account with Messenger starting today. New users can sign up for Uber from Messenger and will get a $20 free ride on their first trip. The feature is only available in the US to start, though Uber promised there’s “more to come soon.”

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Facebook attempted to get/force more people onto Messenger for quite some time, and this seems like another attempt, albeit a savvy one, to hook users into the chat ecosystem. We can’t imagine it catching fire with people who don’t use Messenger on the regular, but loyal Messengers may find it a nifty new add-on.

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