You may see more Apple apps on Android soon

Apple’s preloaded iPhone and iPad software may no longer be confined to its mobile operating system, with CEO Tim Cook hinting that more apps could come to Android.

Right now, Google has 62 apps available within Apple’s App Store. Apple technically has three: Apple Music, the Move to iOS transfer tool and Beats Pill+.

By opening up its software, Apple could begin to make more money from services and not just iPhone hardware. After all, its golden goose is slipping in year-over-year profit increases.

Maybe not every app

Cook didn’t specify which Apple apps and services could one day make their way to Android, but there are several key suspects that people who have switched to Android would like to see.

Apple is heavily investing in iCloud as a way to sync photos, documents and contacts, and it has paid tiers for more storage space. The company also makes money off of Apple Pay.

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iMessages on Android would also be a welcome addition to Google-powered phones, but it’s actually one of the reasons the iPhone is so hard to break away from. Apple’s closed ecosystem works in its favor here.

There may be limitations the apps Apple ends up bringing to Android, and it may come down to which software is poised to make the company money via subscription services.

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