You can now use these Gmail features without signing up for an account

Ever found yourself wanting to make the switch to Gmail, but can’t bear to let go of your old Yahoo or Hotmail account? Now, you don’t have to.

Beginning today, when you log into Gmail’s Android app with one or more non-Gmail addresses, you’ll have the option to “Gmailify” your account, granting you access to Google’s spam protection and inbox organization features, as well as support for Google Now cards.

Getting started is as easy as using your current address login in the newly added “Link account” portion of the Gmail app Settings menu. From there, you can manage which of your accounts you’d like linked, with Google promising support for more email providers in the near future.

Not only does your original email address stay the same, but if Gmailification turns out to not be your bag, the feature can be reversed anytime.

The Gmail app has supported outside addresses for about a year, but this is the first time the service has expanded its features to those who haven’t signed up for a Google account outright.

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If nothing else, Gmailified accounts appear to be a happy medium for those who’ve grown attached to the Google interface, but prefer not to start over with a new address or surrender that sweet email tag they made back in high school.

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