You can now buy a .cloud domain, silver lining is they’re affordable

Do you run some sort of cloud-related business? If so, then you’ll likely be interested to learn that you can now officially buy a .cloud domain name.

Yes, this is a new top-level domain which the registrars are now offering for sale, and you can grab it with major vendors including the likes of GoDaddy.

As Domain Name Wire reports, Aruba IT, which won the auction for the domain back in 2014, said that it will be priced for the mass-market, and indeed that’s turned out to be the case.

GoDaddy is currently offering a .cloud domain starting at £15 per year. Over in the US, it’s pitched around the $20-25 per year mark (around AU$28-35).

So if you want to get all cloudy on the internet, quite literally, it won’t cost you too much. However, it seems that £15 GoDaddy price is an offer currently, and it should be £21 annually. It’s likely the price will be increased to that level before long…

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Speaking of price increases and domains, last November, Nominet increased the (wholesale) cost of buying a .UK domain for the first time in over a decade and a half. The reason for that was stated as rising costs, but Nominet intends to review the price yearly going forward, so more regular increases may now be on the cards.

And of course those wholesale price increases will be passed on to end customers.

Via: Venturebeat

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