Xperia Ear is Sony’s in-ear personal assistant of the future

Google Glass might have brought notifications right to our eyeballs, but it was hardly a smash hit. Sony’s had a different idea – bring the information directly to your ear instead.

That’s the thinking behind the Xperia Ear, the tiny new Sony device that puts a virtual assistant right into your ear. Seen the movie Her? Yeah, it’s a bit like that.

Via an app on your Android smartphone, the Xperia Ear will alert you with calls, messages, calendar appointments and other handy info nuggets such as weather forecasts.

Like Google Glass, you’ll also be able to speak orders into it, whether it’s dictating a message or finding directions to the nearest coffee shop.

Take a Hint

Motorola already has a similar product on the market, the Moto Hint, however the Xperia Ear looks to be padded out with a lot more functionality.

But that will come at a price: Sony says the device’s battery can last around three and half hours with “continuous usage”. The device comes with a case that doubles as a charger.

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Sony says it will be available from Summer this year and will come in Graphite Black, although we managed to spot a few other colours on the MWC show floor, as seen below.

Xperia Ear

Incidentally, Sony also announced that it’s working on an at-home personal assistant called the Xperia Agent.

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