Xbox Scorpio: Questions and answers about the new Microsoft console

After all the information about the Xbox Scorpio that has seen the light today, we have decided to make a compilation of those that we believe may be the most frequent questions that we are all assaulted at the moment.

Xbox Scorpio

We hope that this article, where we collect from basic questions to the same technical specifications of the console, help you to answer the main questions. We encourage you to leave more questions in the comments so we can see them and include them here if necessary.

What is the Xbox Scorpio?

This is the new Microsoft console. Xbox Scorpio, also known as Project Scorpio, is only a tentative name. We probably have to wait for E3 to know its definitive name.

Is Scorpio the successor to the Xbox One?

Not really. The Xbox Scorpio would be an intergenerational console, something similar to what Sony did with PS4 and PS4 Pro. That is: with the arrival of the Scorpio will not disappear the One, but will coexist as it happens now with the PS4 And the PS4 Pro, although in this case, the Xbox Scorpio is more powerful than the last console of Sony.

Is there a lot of difference between the Xbox One and the Xbox Scorpio?

Basically, the specs indicate that the CPU of the Scorpio is about 30% faster than that of One and that the GPU is 4.6 times more powerful. In addition, the 12 GB of RAM allows the system to keep the 4 GB you need and the games can take advantage of the remaining 8 GB. That translates into a faster speed when moving games in 4K, for example.

Speaking of games, what about them? Will there be exclusives or will it be worth the ones I have in the One?

The Xbox Scorpio will be 100% compatible with all software capable of running on an Xbox One, which includes the entire catalog of games of the One plus Xbox 360 games that can be played in One thanks to backward compatibility. Microsoft said there would be no exclusive games for the Scorpio.

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Will the games I have on Xbox One it will look better on Scorpio?

The Scorpio has the potential not only to run Xbox One games at 4K resolution while retaining the frame rate but can also enhance its appearance thanks to higher quality graphics configurations, smoother frame rate and more. Of course here will have a lot to do with what each developer decides to do, but we can expect Microsoft’s games to get all the juice out of the Scorpio.

What if I do not have a 4K TV?

Microsoft is committed to making all modes that enhance the Scorpio gaming experience available independently of the TV we have connected to the console. That is, if you have a 1080p TV you can also find a number of options to look better than an Xbox One, either at a visual level or performance.

How much will the Xbox Scorpio cost?

Microsoft has not released anything about it. On June 11, during its presentation at E3, Microsoft will release the official launch price.

Note: seeing that the Scorpio is more powerful than the PS4 Pro, we imagine it will not come out for less than 500 euros. In June we will leave doubts.

When will it go on sale?

Microsoft confirmed the launch of the Xbox Scorpio by the end of the year, probably between November and December 2017. On June 11, during its presentation at E3, Microsoft will release the official launch date.

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