So it remains the backward compatibility of Xbox One X that recovers the old titles of the original Xbox

It has been one of the highlights of the presentation of Xbox One X and is that from Microsoft have wanted to emphasize that its new console is backward compatible with the games we can currently find on Xbox One and those that are already backward compatible on Xbox 360 and surprise, With the titles of the original Xbox.

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They have heard the feedback generated by the users and if you have an Xbox One console, Xbox 360 or original Xbox and want to sell it and change to the new model when it comes to the market on November 7 you can do staying with your games.

Microsoft embraces backward compatibility on its new console

On the stage, Phil Spencer has reported that just as now Xbox One is retro compatible with Xbox 360 games (a total of 385 titles) the new Microsoft machine will be with these and with all that are now offered for Xbox One.

As a complement, they recover backward compatibility lost with the original Xbox games

In this sense, up to 70 games of Xbox One X will be updated so that when used in Xbox One X will be able to express even more the qualities that offer, either in the form of better graphics, better loading times or a more purified sound.

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Something that will be realized through the corresponding updates and that remembers to what has happened with the plays of PlayStation 4 in PlayStation 4 Pro.

We also know that we can continue to make use of all the peripherals and accessories that we already have in case we do not want to buy any of those that already include the new machine that represents an improvement over those that already exist.

The Xbox One X will also hit the market on November 7 at a price of 499 euros accompanied by 22 exclusive titles including “Crackdown 3”, “Cuphead”, “Forza Motorsport 7”, “Ori and the Will of the Wisps”, “Sea of ​Thieves”, ” State of Decay 2″or “Super Lucky’s Tale” and join another 20 multiplatform to make a total of 42 games for Xbox One X to appeal to potential buyers.


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