Xbox One S: here’s everything you need to know

Microsoft has affirmed the presence of the Xbox One S, it’s souped-up new reassure which packs more power and less mass.

Shockingly for Microsoft the console released hours in front of its authority uncover, however, at any rate, we can now put any waiting questions to rest.

The S is 40% littler than the standard Xbox One, with another white case and permeable new plan (we’re nicknaming it “The Holey One”). It will begin at $299, and will be accessible this August.

The genuine distinct advantage, obviously, is the reality you can stand the console upright. What a period to be alive.

In any case, enough about beauty care products: the new comfort will accompany 4K Blu-beam bolster and will be High Dynamic Range good as well. Additionally, it accompanies a substantial 2TB hard drive and another “streamlined controller”.

How can it confront the PS4 Neo?

Obviously, Sony has likewise affirmed that there’s an iterative PS4 redesign in transit – the since quite a while ago reputed PS4 Neo (otherwise known as the PS4K). We don’t comprehend what the console will be authoritatively called, however Eurogamer reports it will likewise bolster 4K.

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Slightly odd about the entire thing that Phil Spencer as of late said that Microsoft would just push ahead with another console in the event that it did as such in “huge numbers”.

“I need it to be a truly considerable change for individuals – an overhaul,” he told GameInformer. The S is surely a redesign, yet we wouldn’t call it a significant one.

Likewise reputed – however not affirmed – is another, considerably all the more effective console that, as per Kotaku, passes by the codename “Scorpio” which will professedly land in late 2017.

This, to us, is the “significant” redesign, and reports claim it will keep running at six teraflops – which, on the off chance that you trust the breaks in this way, would peg it as more effective than the PS4 Neo (which is said to maximize 4.14 teraflops).

Bring the greater part of that with a squeeze of salt, yet in the event that you’re hoping to overhaul your Xbox One, this may all imply that it merits holding off until one year from now.

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