Xbox Game Pass: very positive user response

Through his Twitter profile, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox CEO, said the new Xbox Game Pass service is receiving a very positive response from the users.

Xbox Game Pass

The good Phil also pointed out that although the rotation of the games has been scheduled on a monthly basis, most of the adventures will remain available for a longer time.

For those who do not know the service, the Xbox Game Pass is a real virtual library with limited access to subscribers, within which you can find a hundred freely eligible titles.

The launch of the service was set for the first day of June, but owners of a Gold account at Xbox Live can already take advantage of a free trial of 14 days.

The subscription to Xbox Game Pass has a fixed cost of 9.99 euros. Today, you can find adventures of the likes of Halo 5, PayDay 2, Saint Row IV, Mad Max, NBA 2K16 and much more.

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