Would you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 if it looked like this?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is possibly just weeks away and we may have one of our best looks at it yet in a new render video.

Okay, so the renders are based on leaks, rather than being anything official, but those leaks come from @OnLeaks, who has a good track record.

The video shows a device which looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is no big surprise as the company wouldn’t want to undo all the good work it had done refreshing the brand. It also fits in with current rumours, which suggest the design will remain much the same.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw19QpNNDgk

Subtle changes

The Galaxy S7 as depicted here has a slightly curved metal frame and a likely glass back. But it goes further than that, with even the same style and positioning of the camera and most ports, buttons and sensors.

It even has the same antenna strips breaking up the metal band. The only sizeable difference seems to be a slight curve to the back cover.

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So if this is accurate we’re almost in for the Samsung Galaxy S6 all over again, at least in terms of design. That’s a little disappointing, but the S6 is still a gorgeous phone and if Samsung gets the specs right and includes much-missed features like a microSD card slot it could still be on to a winner.


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