World of Warcraft: Players solve mysterious puzzles in record time

Together, the World of Warcraft community has cracked an almost unsolvable puzzle hidden in the latest Tomb of Sargeras update.

World of Warcraft

To find all the clues, the players also went to the real-life.

In the latest update Tomb of Sargeras is hidden a mysterious puzzle: Players discovered a series of book pages that can only be found by decrypting extremely vague references.

Tips such as “in snow, sand and storm” are so general that it seems almost impossible to track down all sides.

These are scattered around the world Azeroth and must be found in a specific order. The Fascinating: The arrangement is inspired by the Real Life book World of Warcraft Chronicle Volume 1, because the juxtaposed pages yield the ISBN number 9781616558451, with which the book can be found, for example, at merchants.

The Blizzard WoW game designer, Jeremy Feasel, is definitely a big surprise that the gaming community has solved the puzzle only two weeks after the update was released.

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According to Kotaku, he has given tips on Twitter, but the clues are so cleverly hidden that they can not be found via data mining. This hacker method always leads to the end of the puzzle fun.

As a reward, the Riddler’s Mind-Worm, a special riding animal, was waiting for the treasure hunters. Jeremy Feasel, incidentally, has suggested that this was not the last puzzling challenge in WoW. So you can be curious!

What puzzle has brought you to despair in a game?

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