Wish you were up here: See NASA’s stunning space travel posters

A studio at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has released more of its stunning Visions of the Future space tourism posters.

After an initial three were made available for downloading and printing Monday, 11 more have been added to the roster. The posters imagine what being a space tourist to far-off planets like Venus, Jupiter and Kepler 16b, as well as Ceres, “Queen of the Asteroid Belt,” Titan, Europa and more celestial spots would be like. Some of the posters are from the Exoplanet Travel Bureau series released last year.

Even Earth has its own poster, perhaps to entice some extraterrestrials to plan a trip to our home planet?

The posters are in an art deco style and are pretty enough to literally hang on your wall, but, being NASA, there’s some education mixed in. Each of the posters has an informational blurb about its subject, making for the perfect blend of science and creative expression.

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You can browse through and download posters from JPL’s website. A few are included below.

Mars poster

Grand Tour poster

Europa Poster


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