iPhone 8: This filtered scheme shows for the first time what could be the wireless charging of the next iPhone

The iPhone 8 is the star of all the rumors these last weeks. Not in vain, it is expected that has changes in the design that make it unique due to its tenth anniversary.

iPhone 8
Now, a new leaking shows us what the schemes of the iPhone 8 would look like from the back. The most outstanding? A large area in the center that would represent the charge by induction.

We must take this filtration with tweezers, because it comes from an unknown source, but that yes, backed by OnLeaks.

On other occasions, OnLeaks has published true own leaks, so this could also be true.

Surely the original source is some Foxconn worker or some Apple supplier.

In addition to that large area for wireless charging, we find one more detail to keep in mind: there is no Touch ID button on the back, which means that it surely comes integrated into the screen as the first rumors pointed out.

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iPhone 8

If Apple fails to bring the technology to integrate it on the screen, the other possibility is not to integrate a whole year until the technology matures, although this case would be very strange.

Another aspect that has already been commented on several occasions is the fact that the camera is arranged vertically. This has a purpose: to achieve a better three-dimensional capture by the separation of the lenses.

To take advantage of this separation of lenses we see how the flash integrates into the central part between the two lenses.

Many readers, many leaks and a long wait is ahead. It is expected to be presented in September but will not hit the market until November due to lack of stock and manufacturing costs.

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