Wireless CarPlay is finally on the market

For a seamless connection between iPhone and the onboard computer of a car, there is an Apple software called CarPlay.

Wireless CarPlay

It brings those apps, which can be relevant during driving, to the onboard display and at the same time ensures that the controls on the fittings can access them.

However, both the now many new cars with this software as well as Aftermarket solutions for retrofitting need a USB connection between smartphone and car.

The much more comfortable variant is called “Wireless CarPlay” and was introduced by Apple about a year and a half ago in the wake of iOS 9.

However, just as after the introduction of CarPlay years, the implementation and implementation of the car needed time to make use of the new possibility.

This month, the first »successful commercial implementation« of Wireless CarPlay has been successful. This announced Harman, his trademark maker of car accessories and now bought from Apple competitor Samsung.

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In the infotainment system developed by Harman, activated Bluetooth and WLAN is necessary to enforce the wireless connection of iPhone and onboard computers.

The Harman system saw its debut with a »German luxury car manufacturer« – which is, of course, BMW. The new 5 Series sedan has been on the market for several days and is the first new car equipped with Wireless CarPlay.

The start shot for the wireless iPhone integration has fallen because Harman could also provide other business partners such as VW, Mercedes or Audi with the system. In January, Alpine announced the first upgrade kit, which also supports Wireless CarPlay.

The iLX-107 is also expected to hit the market later this month. The price is to be 900 USD, over price and availability here there is no information.

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