Windows 10 S is limited and little by little you know different aspects that can not be modified

Windows 10 S is Microsoft’s bid to “steal” a market share to Chrome OS in educational environments. A safe operating system, or that they defend from Redmond but also with important limitations that are never more to be overlooked.

A version of Windows that came from the hand of the Surface Laptop and from which little by little we are knowing more details.

The main and least liked, the most blistering have raised is the one that refers to the limitation to install programs other than the Windows Store. One limitation we already tell you how to overcome, at least in part.

And is that for now what we did know is that we could not change the browser (anything to use Chrome or Firefox), use backup programs, some disk utilities, different antivirus software or change the search engine that is coming set.

But as we feared, these will not be the only limits that we will find and so we already have an initial list of components that can not be altered, a list that they have accessed from ZDNet:

  • Bash.exe
  • Cdb.exe
  • Cmd.exe
  • Cscript.exe
  • Csi.exe
  • Dnx.exe
  • KD.exe
  • Lxssmanager.dll
  • Msbuild.exe
  • Ntsd.exe
  • Powershell.exe
  • Powershell_ise.exe
  • Rcsi.exe
  • Reg.exe
  • Regedt32.exe
  • Windbg.exe
  • Wmic.exe
  • Wscript.exe.
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This is a series of Windows components that are “locked” and can not be touched in Windows 10 S. We find a number of important limitations that will have to be seen if they do not stop the growth of a version of Windows as limited as promising.

Otherwise, we can always make the jump to the version of Windows 10 Pro.

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