Windows 10 just scored a native Dropbox app

Dropbox has today unveiled a native Windows 10 app that rungs across Windows 10 PCs and tablets, with the smartphone version to be released soon as well.

The new app supports new Windows 10 features like Windows Hello, which essentially lets you use your face or iris to unlock your Dropbox account.

Of course, your PC and tablet will need to sport a special camera to make use of the facial recognition used by Windows Hello, while the fingerprint unlocking will be more useful on a Windows 10 Mobile with a fingerprint scanner.

The new app does seem more targeted to Windows 10 tablet, mobile or laptop users, however, as it shows you all your Dropbox files even if it isn’t stored locally, similar to Dropbox’s Android and iOS apps, which makes it perfect for devices with smaller storage options.

Add this to the fact that Windows still supports Dropbox’s standard utility, which also lets you edit and sync all your documents and folders across devices.

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Still, the app does let you also drag and drop files from Windows Explorer, as well as add comments and add @mentions, and set up notifications for when you’re invited to share a file or folder.

You can also search for files by simply starting to type what you’re looking for rather than looking for the search icon, or access recent files by right-clicking the app.

The new Dropbox app is available for PC and tablets from the Windows Store now, while the app for mobile to be released “soon.”

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