Windows 10 is the second most popular operating system

Windows 10 has recently become the second most popular operating system.

In about a month, I was saying that Windows 10, although greatly increased in popularity in recent months, it would be far the most used operating system in the market.

At that time, Windows 7 had a 55.68% market share. Despite the increase in popularity of Windows 10, Windows 7 is estimated MRA will remain undoubtedly the king still a good time.

Strange was that Windows XP ending the year with a share of 10.93%, Microsoft hopes to disappointment, certainly, that people will abandon the outdated system.

The market share of Windows 10 at the end of 2015, but was only 9.96 percent. Much has changed for the better for the company from Redmond in recent months, and Windows 10 has now become the second most used operating system in Windows 7.

Number of PCs that use the latter fell to 52.47% last time while the share of Windows 10 came to 11.42%.

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Thus, Windows 10 is now more used than Windows XP, which reached 11.42%, and Windows 8.1, which now holds only 10.4% of the market. According to Business Insider, if we consider that the lune is about 1.5 billion PCs, this would mean that Windows 10 is used on 180 million computers.

After calculations from Microsoft, Windows 10 would be used by about 200 million people, across multiple platforms.

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