Windows 10 Home Ultra and the future of Microsoft systems

Computex 2019. An unknown Windows 10 Home Ultra listed by Dell as the pre-installed system for its new laptops with Intel Ice Lake 10nm processors has attracted attention. A Microsoft official has reported that they have nothing with that last name, but why Dell promotes it as a new version of Windows.

Last year, a version called “Home Advanced” came to light that would become the advanced version of Windows 10, equivalent to what is Windows 10 Pro for Workstations versus Windows 10 Pro. But it never got beyond the rumor mill of the Internet.

Now, a big manufacturer like Dell lists a Windows 10 Home Ultra that – under another name – could arrive as an advanced version. Will it have relevant news? It does not look like we read in Thurrott. It seems that Microsoft intends to better define the scope of the domestic and business versions of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Home today covers a large amount of equipment, from a basic $ 200 laptop to a large $ 5,000 portable game. The idea of ​​this Windows 10 Home Ultra, Windows 10 Home Advanced or how it ended up calling, would highlight a more advanced version for the PCs of greater power. It would be activated on hardware with Intel Core i7 / Core i9 processors and the higher performance models of AMD, Ryzen, and Threadripper, with a minimum of 16 Gbytes of RAM.

We’ll have to wait for an announcement from Microsoft. At the moment there is nothing official. And it is not sure that a new “Advanced” SKU has news about the other versions beyond marketing.

The future of Windows

Microsoft has taken advantage of the fair in Taiwan to hold a conference where he has compiled the large number of teams that their partners have presented at Computex with their operating system, as well as exposing their vision on what a modern system should be for the future. Interestingly, the company described its future ideas without mentioning Windows 10 once.

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The general concepts are in the image and begin with “perfect updates“, invisible and in the background. Nobody escapes that Windows 1 is light years away from that. Windows 10 May 2019 Update has improved the situation, but the fiascos of the last two still resonate. Either Microsoft is very optimistic or is referring to another type of operating system that may well come from Windows Core OS.

The company also said that a modern operating system has to be “safe by default”. Another component of impossible application in the current Windows 10.

Microsoft also refers to other concepts that could be achieved with Windows 10 as “always connected” equipment, including seamless transitions from Wi-Fi to broadband networks. 5G PCs are on the way and Wi-Fi 6 is a great advance.

The «multi-sense» to describe several input methods for interaction with the equipment, such as optical pencils, voice, touch or look, have good support in Windows 10. It will not be complicated to advance in this field.

Finally, the ” agility in factors of the form ” refers to the expansion of formats that are also underway, as we saw a few hours ago with the Honeycomb Glacier, the spectacular dual-screen gaming notebook from Intel.

No, we do not know if Windows 10 Home Ultra will hit the market, but it’s already certain that Windows 10 is not the future of Microsoft’s operating systems. Or at least not as we know it. Windows Core OS looms on the horizon.

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