Will PlayStation 5 rule the next generation of consoles?

PlayStation 5

Now it’s official – the next PlayStation console will be called PlayStation 5, and it will be released near the end of 2020, probably in November. But the most important question is, will the console be on top of the next generation as it will once again have to fight against the next iteration of the Xbox system. Luckily, there is already plenty of information to suggest how this race will look.

What made PS4 a triumph?

While basic PS4 was more powerful than the Xbox One, that is not the main reason why the console managed to beat it’s rival. It’s not about what Sony did to make a PS4 a triumph, but how Microsoft helped them. Many people forget that Xbox One cost $100 more because it was sold with now-defunct and forgotten Kinect. The company was so arrogant that they’ve suggested that the console can’t even work without the Kinect and that there will never be a version without it. Five years later, the latest generation of Xbox One consoles don’t even support it. That was not all, as Microsoft revealed plans not to allow trading copies of physical games, which gave them an incredible amount of negative press. It took a lot of work for the company to address all the issues, but it was already too late, as Sony was putting a significant lead. But even if none of this happened, PS4 would still win this generation console race and would be loved like TopNudeCelebs. Why? Because of the games! PS4 exclusives are better both in quality and quantity and are selling hotcakes, while Xbox One is all about new editions of their old franchises like Gears of War, Halo, or Forza Motorsport. While these are all fine games, there is no new IP. Someone could mention Sea of Thieves, but that game turned out to be a disaster in its first year and is largely forgotten by now.

It’s all about the games

Let’s make one thing clear first – PC will not kill console gaming. Even though all multiplatform games work better on PC, this console generation proved that most people don’t care sitting in front of a monitor and would instead stick to their TVs and easy to use devices like PS4 or Xbox One. If you still don’t believe it – ask Valve. Do you even remember their Steam Machines? The idea was to build small scale PCs that would have their place in the living room. But as it turned out, no one was interested in buying a PC that was almost impossible to upgrade, and that would cost more than both consoles together, even for the cheapest version of Steam Machine. At the moment, it feels like the PlayStation 5 will be a triumph if it manages to keep the right momentum. PlayStation 4 introduced many new and exclusive games, so it would be an easy win for Sony to make sequels on PS5. We could easily imagine a new version of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, or even God of War, which started fresh. No doubt, some of these games will also come to PS5, so do count on The Last of Us 2 or 60 fps remasters of games like Uncharted 4 or Bloodborne. With one or two new IPs, that would be more than enough for the console to start strong. On the other hand, the next Xbox will need to be innovative like 3DX Chat and give gamers unique experiences that Xbox One is lacking. New IPs that would be console exclusive are badly needed, and Microsoft suggested they are aware of that. We hope they do because that will probably decide the future of their still-unnamed console.

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Who will win the hardware battle?

It would be a huge surprise if both consoles wouldn’t be very close when it comes to performance. Both are using pretty much the same AMD technology, as it was the case with the current generation. Both companies are also boasting that their systems will include incredibly fast SSDs, so it doesn’t look like they will top each other. Plus, as we already learned, hardware doesn’t matter, unlike something as exciting as Family Sex Games.

The (un)certain future

While PS5 is the early favorite, no one should ever underestimate the power and money of Microsoft. Plus, a strong rivalry will benefit gamers, as they could expect better games and affordable prices. Let’s hope that will be the result this time.

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