When will the first public beta of iOS 11 be ready?

Do you feel like trying iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad but are not a developer?

So, the only possibility you have is to wait for the opening of the public beta program of this new version of iOS.

Apple has not yet announced the exact date for its release, but we know it will be sometime next July.

Some clues about its launch

Last year, Apple released the first public beta of iOS 10 on July 7. Just two days after the second beta for developers.

The reason that the public beta is not available at the same time is to avoid a bad drink to not very experienced users.

The first version of the software is usually the one that causes most errors under the arm so that its installation is a risky sport.

The betas require access to WiFi to be installed, so plan the summer according to this if you are traveling

Installing an iOS beta should never be done on our primary device, as it may have general operating problems, incompatible third-party apps, or drain the battery faster than normal.

Apple goes iterating version after version to correct important errors until the final release, therefore, the second beta of developers is when they open the doors to the general public.

Of course, as soon as they launch the public iOS betas program, each new release comes a day or two after the developer beta. So there’s nothing left to do until next month.

When to install iOS 11 public beta

IOS 11 comes loaded with news that stands out especially on the iPad, which can finally bring to light its full potential. If your device comes within those supported by the next version of iOS, then you might consider installing the public beta.

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Although it is usually not advisable to do it, much less on your main device, I recognize that last year I pieced and installed the beta of iOS 10.

But I did when the public version reached number 5 and was already quite round. I paid close attention to the comments of the readers of 3tech.org who had installed it to make sure that it was reasonably stable?

Do not install beta if you want a holiday without fuss

If in spite of the risks you know that at some point you are going to install it, keep in mind the following:

  • Make a backup on iCloud and on your Mac or PC before doing anything.
  • I prefer to have one on the Mac in case I have to restore and I’m on vacation without WiFi access. It is much faster.
  • From that moment, anything that is not in the copy will be lost if you have to go back. So keep that in mind for your health data if you have Apple Watch.
  • You will need WiFi access to install new versions of the beta, so plan ahead if you are going to have a network within reach.

Of course, remember that this is a program to report the errors of the new version of iOS 11.

You have the opportunity for Apple to correct them before they reach the public in the fall. If you have persistent ones on your device, it’s time to communicate through the feedback app.

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