Why it is important to have an antivirus these days

Why it is important to have an these days

Nowadays we are connected to the internet throughout the day and depend totally on it for our communications. Messages, chats, searches, email inquiries, in some cases even phone calls … If only a few years ago we only had access from our homes, nowadays it has been extended to our smartphones or even to many public places (shopping centers, restaurants, outdoor areas …).

But, although the advantages offered by having internet access are endless, we must also be aware that it can generate some problems, the main one being viruses, Trojans or spyware, among others. To prevent them from “sneaking” into our devices and causing us significant damage, today we are going to talk about why it is important to have an antivirus, not only on our computer but on any device with which we surf the internet.

Why install an antivirus?

A virus can get inside our device without us noticing, because not only by avoiding the “malicious” pages you are safe from them. They can be installed by opening a pop-up window of a site that we thought safe, by downloading a file that we thought was harmless, etc. To avoid this virtual insecurity, it is necessary to have an antivirus that previously analyzes each movement we make of this type and gives us approval before continuing. These are the main reasons why we should have the best antivirus as a virtual security method.

  • Malicious web pages. Although common sense makes us determine which pages are safe and which may have malicious content, sometimes we find websites that make us download some type of code that is installed on our device without our noticing. An antivirus will notify us in the event that it is opened, downloaded or installed something outside the “normal”, therefore making us safe at all times.
  • Infected emails. Through email, it is also easy for infected files to run. Not only through unknown emails or spam, but sometimes some of our contacts can send viruses without being aware of them; That is why it is easy for us to trust and download a file that is really malicious.
  • Documents. Each document that is opened, even from office files such as Word or Excel, an antivirus detects whether the source is reliable or not. It is also easy to pass malicious documents through USB and an antivirus allows us to analyze it and eliminate any suspicion.
  • Data spying. An antivirus also protects us from data espionage. For this, we need an antivirus that detects spyware and increases the security of our browsing when in certain pages we have to enter personal information.
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Is an antivirus necessary on the mobile?

If a few years ago we only used the mobile phone to call or send SMS, today we all use it to chat, check email, use countless APPs, even make voice calls … The use we give the internet through our device mobile makes us constantly at risk if we don’t use it properly. We must be careful with unreliable applications and that we install on our phone, since, although most are safe, there is a percentage that can put our mobile at risk.

Avoid viruses on the phone

  • Avoid automatic downloads. In addition to always making downloads from secure sites, in the mobile settings, we can also protect ourselves. In many devices there is the option to deactivate the download of sites that are “unknown origins”, so by marking it you will be avoiding automatic downloads when you browse pages with pop-up windows or that by mistake you end up in unreliable sites.
  • Navigate responsibly. Although most web pages are already responsive, browsing from the mobile phone is not the same as from a computer. Although in most cases from the smartphone it is easier and more intuitive to manage within a site, in pages where there is a lot of advertising or pop-up windows it is really exhausting. Therefore, it is necessary to make responsible navigation and try to avoid all those pages that put our online security at risk.
  • Antivirus on mobile. But even if you are careful, as we have seen sometimes it is easy for a virus to be installed without us being aware. That is why there is the possibility of having an antivirus on our mobile. The main drawback is that it will take up space on the phone and in many cases, it will slow down the performance of this since it will analyze each page, download, new file … Although there are many people for or against, if from the mobile you are going to perform navigation that It will not always be secure, you should definitely install a free antivirus on your smartphone.

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