What is Samsung preparing in 2016?

Some interesting devices. It’s the answer to the question “What Samsung prepares us in 2016?”.

Samsung has a division called Creative Lab, and in this lab employees are asked to perform the strangest devices, whether these devices will not see the light in shops.

This laboratory of Samsung’s dreams realized three devices that come into gadgets portfolio in 2016.

The first device is intended to be associated with VR Gear to interact with virtual reality. This gadget is called Rink and will allow you to model, to catch or change virtual reality.

samsung devices 2016

Oculus is well known that working on a similar device for their virtual reality system. The best man win!

TipTalk will make you feel like James Bond when you will use. TipTalk is actually a bracelet for SmartWatch Samsung course that will allow you to hear better when you have a telephone conversation. Simply put the finger in your ear when you call someone.

samsung devices 2016

Still unclear is how it works, but tend to think it is based on certain vibrations induced bracelet. And the coolest part is that you’ll look like Professor Xavier when you use this device.

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The third device is a fitness tracker, but not like the ones you know. Welt is a belt that will monitor physical activity. Through the application will remember how many steps you did, as you state and waist size. So you know immediately when you start to get proportions and what corrective actions need to take to return to form.

samsung devices 2016

Samsung says that it is a more discreet way of monitoring the level of activity and sedentary. Because not much different to a conventional belt, you can wear it with many held.

In the three years of existence, Creative Lab has made over 100 ingenious devices. Of which 40 have even gone into production and were sold by Samsung.

samsung devices 2016

More details about these products will find out next year after CES conference in Las Vegas.

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