The top five watchOS 4 features on the Apple Watch after a week of use

It’s been exactly one week since Apple introduced watchOS 4. The latest version of the operating system for Apple Watch will not reach the public until fall.

watchOS 4 Apple Watch

However, developers can now install it on their watches to test the latest watchOS features. We have also done it, and these are the best features.

The new dock of the latest apps used

It seems that the cards are Apple’s new design guide. The dock has been redesigned to show overlapping apps one after another, according to the order of use. In addition, if we turn the Digital Crown to the end of the dock, we can open the complete list of apps. In short, a dock much more navigable and useful.

List Synchronization in Music

Now the Apple Watch syncs the lists of songs that we listen more automatically. Forget to update it or find what you are interested in synchronize, watchOS 4 is able to choose what you like so that when you pick up the clock and connect the AirPods, listen directly to what you are interested in, without the need for the iPhone.

A flashlight!

The iPhone does not have to be the only one to have a flashlight, now the Apple Watch also has one. From the control center, we can activate the flashlight which is nothing more than a white screen. It also has a dim screen with a red for emergencies.

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As a curiosity, turning the wrist toward us reduces the brightness, but turning it in the opposite direction increases the brightness to the maximum. Does it light up enough? I assure you that yes, the brightness that reaches the screen of the Apple Watch is incredible.

New Activity Notifications

Activity so far sent us notifications with our progress throughout the day. These notifications could be somewhat monotonous, so now Apple has customized them for each user, also offering more detailed information.

If you complete all the rings you have modified the animation which is much more fun. Finally, the monthly or special challenges now also appear on the Apple Watch.

The new sphere of Siri

By far, he or she better brings watchOS 4 to Apple Watch. Why? Because Apple has understood what a smart watch should show. The sphere of Siri Assitant shows us at all times the most relevant information of the day in chronological order. To do this, take information from our reminders, calendars, time, bag, photos …

Through a kind of cards, we can see what we should do at all times and information about what really interests us. This interface should in fact also appear when we invoke Siri on the iPhone or iPad, as it is much more useful than it seems.

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