Warning: people are sharing a link that will crash your iPhone

People are sharing a link to a website designed to crash the Safari browser. It will also force your iPhone to reboot, should you click it.

The website, crashsafari.com, is designed to do exactly what it suggests. Not only did it crash the Safari browser when we tried it, but it caused the computer to grind to a halt until we finally managed to shut down Safari.

Opening it in Chrome also stopped the browser working properly. Even more annoyingly, the site has an even worse effect on the iPhone, causing it to reboot, as pointed out by The Guardian and many people on Twitter.

Best to avoid on iPads too. In fact, just don’t visit it on anything.

Don’t even think about it

The site causes browsers to crash by creating an endless string of characters, which quickly bring proceedings to a halt. A quick check into the domain revealed it was registered in April 2015, but we’re unsure if it’s been fully working since then.

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We can see this becoming a bit of a Rickroll situation, so be careful of any disguised links that you come your way.

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