Voice prompts and other expected improvements come to Windows Maps to get closer to Google Maps

When we talk about mapping on the net, it’s a name that comes to mind. Google Maps are the great dominators in this regard.

Windows Maps
Google Maps is one of the applications, whether in the web version, as specific, most used. But it is not the only alternative and Apple Maps or Windows Maps have yet to say.

And with respect to the last one, which is the one that interests us here, news arrives, as the application of Maps for Windows 10 has received an update that tries to bring the functions offered to those found in the competition.

It is still far from achieving it, but the road that leads is the right one

And it is what they achieve with this improvement that makes the voice prompts to reach the application, an improvement that is more than well received by many users.

In this way, the system will give us by voice instructions the precise location and direction in which we have to go to our destination.

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Also from Microsoft allow that by making use of the different settings is the user who can configure the application to offer the orders directly on the mobile or the Bluetooth device to which we are connected.

And to make it not annoying to hear the indications have been enabled three levels of sound regardless of what we are using on the mobile phone. Thus we can choose between “Softer”, “Normal” and “Higher”.

Of course, if you are looking for these improvements in the application of your mobile you should know that, for now, are only available to users who are within the fast ring in the Insider Program, so that the rest will still touch us waiting to be able to make use from the same.

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