These are all the visual improvements that Xbox One X will apply to Middle Earth: Shadows of War

As soon as ‘Middle Earth: Shadows of War’ was announced it was said that it would benefit from the features of Xbox One X, but it has not been so far that Warner Bros. has specified what kind of improvements will be implemented in the game in its version for the new Microsoft console.

Thanks to an infographic that has published we know that users can decant by two types of modalities. One of them will be dedicated to optimizing the resolution of what will appear on the screen, getting 4K native and also increasing all details of the textures.

The second of these options is, of course, more complete and will be designed for those who want to enjoy a better quality. Specifically, it will increase all of the following: texture details, greater viewing distance, improved shadows, better lighting, more vegetation, more polygons, and much more.

Even if you do not have a 4K TV, the image indicates that the game will use a technique called supersampling that will make the 1080p resolution become 4K while retaining all the details and textures.

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In addition, thanks to Xbox One will have more pixels to make everything look better and receive an optional update for anyone who wants to make all cinematic from 1080p to see in 4K as well.

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