Virtual reality will have 3D surround sound thanks to Google Resonance Audio

Virtual reality will have 3D surround sound thanks to Google Resonance Audio

Virtual reality still has much ahead. Currently, we have many apps and companies interested in the sector to grow but the general feeling is that they are too experimental. Google and its Daydream VR platform are getting the support of major manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei but in the end, lies in the developers to be able to squeeze this hardware and this development environment.

One of the problems of virtual reality is that to increase the sense of immersion not only have to convince us by sight, also by sound. Google is aware of this detail and therefore now presents Resonance Audio, an SDK specialized in creating immersive audio experiences in 360º for virtual reality, augmented reality games and 360 videos.

This development kit is designed for those who want to offer games, videos or applications with a 3D sound that offers a much more faithful, enveloping and realistic feel.

Developers can make the sound propagate from specific objects as they are shown in the following Gifs. For example, if the sound comes out of the guitar, it will propagate in waves from its center. The idea is that in virtual reality depending on the theoretical position of the person we receive more or less intense sound and coming from the specific direction.

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Resonance Audio is based on Ambisonics technology that allows users to be enveloped in areas that better consider the “spatiality of sound”.

The Resonance Audio SDK is cross-platform and in addition to being available for Android, it is also compatible with Unity, Unreal, FMOD, Wwise, Web, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and iOS.

** If you are interested in creating or testing this immersive audio we recommend you go to the official website with all the documentation or ** download the Audio Factory test application, which is free on Google Play.

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