Video: Derren Brown re-invents the ghost train with virtual reality

Not one to shirk controversy, Derren Brown has revealed that his next trick will be re-inventing the ghost train with a mix of virtual reality and grand illusion.

The mentalist has taken a break from TV to work with Thorpe Park on a new ride. Called (unsurprisingly) Ghost Train, the ride consists of a 20-metre long Victorian-style train carriage, suspended in mid air, three feet off the ground with iron chains.

It’s taken three years and 1,000 people to make the ride, where the participants will have to wear VR headsets.

The ride will last for 13 minutes and is “not for the faint hearted”. There are 12 different journeys that can be done with two different endings.. Sounds a bit like an Uber on a Saturday night to us.

The headsets that are being used are of the HTC Vive variety, and the ride will open in Spring 2016. Magic.

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