Some users report rare sounds on their 15-inch MacBook Pro 2016

The MacBook Pro has had it difficult since its launch. Not only did it have fewer ports than it wanted, but it came with an extremely high price for most people.

MacBook Pro 2016
On the other hand, when it reached the first users these reported keyboard problems.

It seems that the curse of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is still alive because now some users are reporting problems with the MacBook Pro.

It is not that the speakers are malfunctioning, but from inside the MacBook, you hear a strange sound, similar to Crush a plastic bottle.

The support forums are getting full of messages about it, it’s as if some kind of component is removed inside. These sounds are mainly caused when the computer is put to high performance, for example editing videos or playing video games.

Apple’s answers are different for each user, and it seems that for now there is no official response to the problem or a pending replacement program.

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MacBook Pro 2016

In any case, if you suffer from this problem the best you can do is to contact Apple and in no case try to fix it by opening the computer.

MacBook Pro


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