Some users hear buzzing on the iPhone X headset when the volume is too loud

Some users hear buzzing on the iPhone X headset when the volume is too loud

When you launch a new model designed from scratch as is the iPhone X, it seems that the problems are inevitable. In recent days we have seen how some iPhone X stopped responding to low temperatures and what is worse, a few showing vertical green lines. Now, several users are experiencing a buzz in the headset.

As always with these things, users are warning of problems in social networks and forums. If there is a recurring theme in recent days is that it has to do with the audio problems of the handset of the iPhone X.

Apparently, when the volume goes up a lot the sound that comes out of the handset is distorted and creates annoying hums.

The sound does not discriminate between calls, music, alarms or tones, but affects all situations where the volume is high. On the other hand, does not seem to be limited to an iPhone X model or a specific version of iOS, so it is likely to be a hardware problem.

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As of iPhone 7, the iPhone’s headset also functions as a speaker next to the speaker at the bottom. In this way, Apple gets a stereo sound on the device. In other words, the headset should be prepared to support high volumes of sound.

What can you do in a case like this? The simplest thing is to go to an Apple Store or ask for a repair to Apple. Since the iPhone is under warranty there will be no problems to replace it with a new one.

Anyway, with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus a similar problem was reported, and Apple corrected it with iOS 11.0.2

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