Updated: The best iPhone 6S deals: get the 64GB model cheaper than the 16GB version!

If you’re after the best possible iPhone 6S deal this winter, you’ve got two weeks left to bag one of these excellent bargains.

Techradar has teamed up with O2, EE and Mobiles.co.uk to bring you three exclusive iPhone 6S deals and they’re running only until the end of January so you haven’t got much more time left.

If you have a look around you’ll see that these are the best iPhone deals out there at the moment and can’t be matched by any of the other retailers. That’s because Mobiles.co.uk is owned by Carphone Warehouse and has the ability to radically undercut its competitors.

The first deal in particular is an absolute stunner. It’s for a 64GB version of the iPhone 6S and works out cheaper than most if not all of the deals on the 16GB version of the phone. It’s also only £25 more than if you were to go for the exact same deal on 2014’s iPhone 6 – can’t argue with that!

Techradar’s iPhone 6S exclusive deals:

This is the top deal as far as we’re concerned…

o2 deals

iPhone 6S 64GB | Save £100 | £175 £75 up front | Unlimited calls | Unlimited texts | 3GB data | £31pm
This is the best iPhone 6S deal in the UK right now – none of the other retailers or networks can beat it. Use the January Sale voucher code TRJANSALEO2 at the checkout to save £100 on the superior 64GB version of the iPhone 6S and pay £75 up front instead of £175. Then you’ll be on a 4G contract with O2 which offers unlimited calls and texts and 3GB data for just £31 per month. Total cost of this deal is £819 over two years.

best iphone 6s deals

If you’re just after the cheapest iPhone 6S deal out there but don’t want to end up on a crap contract, you should check out iD’s deals. You can get the phone for free on contracts from just £27.50 per month…

iD logo

iPhone 6S 16GB | FREE upfront | 600 minutes | 5000 texts | 1GB data | £29.50pm
iD is Carphone Warehouse’s own in-house brand. It piggybacks on the Three network and focusses on value and low prices. The best value iPhone 6S deal out there right now which includes a free phone is this one from iD – free iPhone 6S 16GB, 600 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB data for £29.50 per month but you can pay just £27.50 if you’re happy with less of an allowance. This is an excellent deal if you’re after the best iPhone ever at the cheapest possible price.

Check out all the deals: at iD Mobile

best iphone 6s deals

This is the best iPhone 6S deal out there right now if you’d rather be on EE. It works out a little more expensive than the O2 deal above but if you’d rather be on EE, this is the one…

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ee deal

iPhone 6S 64GB | Save £50 | £100 £50 upfront | 1000 minutes | Unlimited texts | 2GB data | £34.99pm
Similar to the iPhone 6S deal above, this deal comes on EE Extra 4G instead of O2. The discount code TRJAN64 will get you the 64GB handset at half price – just £50 instead of £100. That leaves you paying £34.99 per month for 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB data. With this deal you pay £25 less upfront than the O2 deal above, and you get EE Extra’s double-speed 4G tariff, but with the £34.99 monthly cost it does work out a bit more expensive. However, if you really want to be on EE (which is still by far the UK’s most popular network) this is still a great deal and gets the techradar stamp of approval. Total cost of this deal is £889.76 over two years.

best iphone 6s deals

And if 64GB isn’t enough storage for you, here’s the best iPhone 6S deal if you’re after a 128GB model…

ee deal

iPhone 6S 128GB | Save £50 | £200 £150 upfront | Unlimited minutes and texts | 4GB data | £34.99pm
This is a great deal on the iPhone 6S 128GB, again on doublespeed EE Extra and this time with a better value contract but with a slightly more expensive upfront cost – as you’d expect from the top-end model. Using the voucher code TRJAN128 you can save £50 on the upfront cost of the best-of-the-best iPhone 6S 128GB – go for this deal if you need loads of space on the phone for music, movies, photos and documents. The monthly cost is the same as the EE deal above, but with double the data and with unlimited minutes instead of 1000. Total cost of this deal is £989.76 over two years.

We think all of the above iPhone 6S deals are worth recommending, otherwise we wouldn’t post them. Which one is right for you, though, depends on your own personal circumstances. The best overall deal is the top O2 deal but the EE options both offer something a little different at tempting price points and you can’t argue with the sheer value of iD’s offers.

If you want to double check that these are the best deals, go to our iPhone deals comparison page to compare prices from all UK networks and online retailers.

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