Updated: January Sales’ best iPhone 6S deal: save £100 on the 64GB model with code TRXMAS64

Update: this code briefly stopped working but it’s now back up and running!

If you’re looking for a new iPhone in the January Sales, this deal is for you. It was introduced by O2 and Mobiles.co.uk (owned by Carphone Warehouse) just before Christmas but we’re hearing the deal will run for at least another week in the January Sales.

While it lasts we think this is the best iPhone deal in the UK. It allows you to use a voucher code to save £100 on the upfront cost of the superior 64GB version of the latest iPhone 6S. That discount allows you to get the iPhone 6S 64GB cheaper than the 16GB version so it’s hot.

After the £100 is discounted, you’ll pay just £75 for the phone instead of £175, and then £31 per month for a great 4G contract with O2. For your money you’ll get unlimited calls, unlimited text messages and 3GB data – enough for 99% of people.

We’ve had a look around at Carphone Warehouse, Mobiles.co.uk, Mobile Phones Direct and e2save.com as well as all the network sites (EE. O2, Three, Vodafone and more) and this is simply the best iPhone 6S deal out there right now – it really is staggeringly good value and it’s set to run for another week.

The TRXMAS64 iPhone 6S deal in full:

iPhone 6S 64GB | £175 £75 up front | Unlimited calls | Unlimited texts | O2 4G | 3GB data | £31pm | £819 total
Use the Christmas voucher code TRXMAS64 at the checkout to save £100 on the superior 64GB version of the iPhone 6S and pay £75 upfront instead of £175. Then you’ll be on a 4G contract with O2 which offers unlimited calls and texts and 3GB data for £31 per month. Total cost of this deal over two years is £819.

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A quick comparison…

The next best deal on the iPhone 64GB is at Mobiles Phones Direct – but there you’ll be paying £45.75 more in total (not to mention a hefty £384.99 up front), and for just 1GB data instead of 3GB.

The absolute cheapest way to get hold of an iPhone 6S on contract is this deal also at Mobile Phones Direct – going for that deal would save you £34.75 – but you’d be getting the 16GB version of the phone instead of the 64GB version, and 1GB data instead of 3GB. Cheaper yet, but far less value in that deal.

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