Updated: Here are the Samsung Galaxy S7 cases worth checking out

For some, covering your brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 in a protective case is like hiding it from the world. While not necessarily true, we get the point: you want to enjoy the stellar design and the smooth edges at all times.

But, the thing about phones is, they come along with us everywhere. And sometimes, everywhere won’t treat the S7 as nicely as you do. In those situations, slapping on a case is a little easier to swallow.

We’ve put together a guide to show you the best cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S7. And, since it’s early days for the S7, most of the cases we know about are manufactured by Samsung itself. But, a few from companies like Speck and Dog & Bone are beginning to pop-up.

Regardless, these look to be the cases that do their best not to turn this gorgeous phone into an ugly one. Some of them even provide additional functionality that isn’t possible with just the phone alone.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new additions to our roundup, but if you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments.

Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 Clear case

Samsung’s very own Clear case is the most unobtrusive and visually striking option available at launch. The clear back allows the Galaxy S7’s rounded, glass back to shine, and the metallic bumpers keep it from bursting (hopefully) should you drop it.

Speck Galaxy S7

Speck CandyShell Clear case

Like Samsung’s clear case, this one from Speck keeps it simple, too. The unibody case slips over the phone and can protect it from unexpected drops. It even can defend against yellowing with UV protection. It’s likely that this one will be more widely available than Samsung’s, so keep an eye out for it if you’re a minimalist.

Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 Clear View case

The Clear View case looks to be nearly identical to the aforementioned Clear case, but with a translucent flip cover added to the front. This provides cover from nearly all angles, while still allowing the new always-on screen to shine through with pertinent information.

Speck Galaxy S7

Speck CandyShell cases

These are similar in style to the CandyShell clear case, but Speck also makes some options that are a little more vibrant looking, too. From left to right, there’s the standard CandyShell case available in four colors, the Grip case in one of its four assortments of colors. Finally, Speck’s Inked variation splashes a gorgeous look onto the standard case.

Dog and Bone Galaxy S7

Dog & Bone Splash case

This case for the Galaxy S7 takes the minimalistic look of the clear cases above and adds a playful strip of color around its edges. It’s packed with military-grade toughness, so the phone, from front-to-back, will be protected from unexpected drops.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 S View case

For a classier look, check out Samsung’s S View case. Like the Clear View case, this one covers the Galaxy S7 from front-to-back, too. But unlike the others, this one complements the S7’s design with a slick look that more uniformly seams to the phone. Through the square view window, you’ll be able to peep every notification without unlocking your device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 LED case

This one is for fans of HTC’s Dot Matrix cases, which were originally released for the HTC One M series of smartphones. However, Samsung’s new LED cases one-up them in the style department. These cases are more professional looking, but allow you the same level of gesture-controlled access, all without opening up the case.

Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 Leather case

The Leather case is a more regal take on the Clear case, protecting the glass back while also providing a business-friendly look. The volume rocker and power button are easily accessible with the case on and sits flush with the ever-so-slightly noticeable camera bump.

Caseco Galaxy S7

Caseco Shock Express Metallic case

No one wants a case that takes away from the precisely-engineered curves of the Samsung Galaxy S7. But this one actually adds to them. This metallic textured case is shaped like an hourglass and adds a grip onto the sides for added stability.

Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard case

For those of you who just can’t quit the physical QWERTY keyboard, Samsung has done you a real favor. The Galaxy S7 Keyboard case, which is exactly like the one introduced at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch, snaps onto the bottom of the phone and is every frantic texter’s dream. It definitely cramps the S7’s style a bit, but on rare occasions such as these, functionality trumps form.

Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 Flip case

If you’re someone who is always trying to cut back on your cargo, check out Samsung’s Flip case. It’s a billfold of sorts, with room only for the phone itself and your most essential cards. It boasts the same look and protective qualities as the LED case, but this one can store your credit cards, unless you have them all stored on Samsung Pay, that is.

Samsung Galaxy S7 cases

Samsung Galaxy S7 Backpack

While not the most appealing case out there, Samsung’s Backpack combines an external battery and case into one. The case itself is stocked with a 3,400mAh battery that will kick in on when the Galaxy S7 depletes. It also supports wireless charging, and when it’s on the cradle, it intelligently prioritizes charging the device back to good health before taking a sip of electricity for itself.

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