How to uninstall and remove Java completely from macOS to improve the security of your computer

Java and JRE allow us to run in our Mac different programs that use this system as well as scripts in the browser.

Currently, most services no longer make use of Java and for many, it is a nuisance to keep the tool in the system.

But the biggest problem of all is the lack of security that has Java and JRE, not as tools, but because they offer the possibility of malware to run easily, since not really, the malware works with scripts in Java.

Uninstalling Java and JRE is not as simple as installing it. It does not offer a uninstaller, nor is it as easy as dragging the tool to the recycle bin, as with other apps.

To uninstall Java it is necessary to search all the files one by one and remove them.

Fortunately, it can be done easily by accessing various parts of the Finder.

How to get rid of Java and JRE on Mac

  1. Close any browser or app that is using Java
  2. Go to Library> Internet Plug-Ins
  3. Delete the JavaAppletPlugin.plugin file
  4. Go to Library> PrefeerncePanes
  5. Delete the JavaControlPanel.prefPane file
  6. Go to Library> Application Support> Java
  7. Delete the entire Java folder
  8. Empty the Recycle Bin
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With this, you have removed Java completely from your Mac computer.

Does this mean that you are already 100% sure of the entry and execution of malware in your system? Of course not, but you will prevent much malicious software from running on your computer.

Possibly some page requires you from now install Java on your computer to run, but are very isolated cases. In any case, the advantages of uninstalling the tool are greater than having it installed.

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