Uber helps you follow the loved ones trail from distance

The folks at Uber will increase confidence in the company’s transport services through a system of tracking the race of family members and close friends.

Although Uber has become synonymous with transporting people globally still appear occasionally some scandals involving company drivers. Because such events might scare you and make you avoid service, the company introduced several important updates to functionality.

Initially, it was the Family Profiles, a system whereby one credit card can be associated with multiple accounts, ideal if you send children to school with a Uber or have called for an older parent. Now, those who use Family Profiles can take advantage of Trip Tracker.

A new innovative system of tracking flights, Trip Tracker notifies you when someone in your group Family Profiles initiates a race. Immediately you enter the app to follow the course of the race from start to destination. So you can rest assured if a close was to go home from the hospital or an intoxicated friend later went to a bar.

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It is worth to note that although the whole concept of Family Profiles refers to the family, does not imply in any way that you are only required to add your credit card relatives used to Uber.

You can add and close friends in the group, but keep in mind at all times that charging will be done on the main card. Trip Tracker earn an extra level of peace of mind, finding a close permanently if you are traveling, what route followed and how long it will reach its destination.

The only restriction is that Trip Tracker works only for people you have in the Family Tracker list. Both functions are available globally.

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