Uber becomes the name for the autonomous cars

The autonomous cars are the talk of the town because many carmakers are in the process of building one. The autonomous cars detect the environment with various different techniques like the computer vision, radar, odometry, lidar and GPS and navigate without the human assistance. The advanced control system in the vehicle interprets the sensory information that can distinguish between the roads, vehicles, obstacles and other signage.

Self driving vehicles

Many automobile companies announced about the launch of the autonomous cars for the future, for example, Tesla plans to release its vehicles into the ridesharing platform when all the vehicles are fully autonomous. Google announced that they will release the driverless cars by 2020, while Ford aims for 2021. However, the leading ridesharing company released its self driving cars for in Pittsburgh and the pilot program allows the public to hail in those vehicles. Since it is in the beta stage, the company does not charge any fare for the ride, but might charge in the future.

Ride in Pittsburgh

The ridesharing giant partnered with different companies from the automobile industry in designing the autonomous vehicles. The first set of vehicles that were parked in front of the Uber’s ATC (Advanced technology centre) in Pittsburgh were the Ford Fusion cars, each equipped with different kinds of sensors, cameras, laser tech and other things.

In the initial phase, two people will sit in the front and will take over the wheel when the situation is needed. One of them will be the driver and the other person will be an engineer, they will make sure that no mishaps take place while riding on the streets of Pittsburgh. Driving in the city posses many challenges in all the seasons, like the summers are blinding sun, big shady trees that hide the traffic signals and street signs during spring, icy and snowy winter and during the autumn the grounds become slippery because of the fallen leaves. The Mayor of Pittsburgh and the city officials were the first people to take a ride on the autonomous vehicle, and only in September 2016 the driverless cars were released to the public. The autonomous vehicle is able to sense the obstacles and other vehicles along the way and follows the signage.

The students and faculties from the Carnegie Mellon University and some researchers were hired by the car sharing company to build the self-driving cars.

The car sharing company’s autonomous car consists of the lidar- a technology that uses the laser to assess the distance and shape of the object, mounted at the top of the vehicle. The car also has the GPS and the 3D camera.

Anticipation towards the self-driving cars

When it comes to the driverless vehicles, building them is easy when compared to the maintenance of the infrastructure of the urban transportation of the vehicle. The Uber clone script called the Ridecy is the best app when it comes to ridesharing business. The clone script has many advanced features that are designed to maximize the function and usability of the app.

There are certain arrangements and changes like the lane markings, complex intersections, etc that have to be made in the city so as to ensure that there are no difficulties in riding the autonomous vehicles. Because if the city is not ready to work with commitment, there autonomous vehicles might freeze is some places when there are no proper street markings and other mishaps caused by the humans.

Potential difficulties: The self driving vehicles are programmed by following certain rules and conditions, but what if the vehicle faces surprising situations. For example, in some of the cities it is a custom for the drivers to expect the red signal turning to the green by moving into the intersection, but this is not possible in the driverless cars or trucks. Similarly, there are cities in which during the deliveries the trucks have to double park, while the driverless cars that are behind the truck waits without knowing what to do next.

The yellow light duration is programmed for the autonomous vehicles, but if the vehicle senses the yellow signal at the intersection will it speedup or stop the vehicle? Are the vehicles programmed to respond differently when hailing the passengers; however both the actions might cause injury.

New Responsibilities: Despite the minor difficulties, the potential issues can be handled by the vehicles that are equipped with the control system and the sensors and other devices and systems that assist the vehicle in stopping or moving slow when they are near another vehicle, instruct in changing lanes and the city can build a wireless system that can communicate with the autonomous vehicles making it easy for the transportation. However, more money is needed for these developments that has to come from the infrastructural necessitates and potholes.

And the maintenance and increase of the bandwidth of the wireless tech used by the vehicles during traffic are also important. The wireless network must be fast and extensive for adequate response time. The proponents of the self driving cars focus on the advantages offered by the vehicle for communities and the individuals. The driverless cars can drop off the individuals at their workplace in the city and then drives back to the remote place. The autonomous vehicles are designated to the pickup points through the mobile app, and the vehicle checks with the current traffic status and takes the best route to reach the customer’s place.

Policies and rules matter: Segway is a self balancing electric scooter is popular in some of the cities as the touring aid; however it failed to grab attention in the transportation market because of the rules governed in some of the cities. The rules and the policies regarding the self driving cars are important. Earlier, when the motorized vehicles were on the road along with the horse carts, there was one thing common in both, and that is the human is responsible for the vehicle on the road. But in the current situation, the municipal legislation must take care of the policies and define the aspects of the driver, and their liabilities and responsibilities.

Uber wins the car race

Uber is the leading online transportation network that uses the mobile app to assign the riders with each ride, without any waiting time. The company offers service in 65 countries and 507 cities and offers a cheaper ride than the normal taxi. When all the companies are planning on building the self driving cars, Uber was able to launch its autonomous service for the public because the ride sharing network must concentrate only on the techniques of the autonomous vehicles, while the other automobile companies have to first start a car sharing network and then think about the driverless vehicles.

Tesla’s self driving car created major destruction in the transportation network because of the technical issues, but the Uber’s autonomous vehicle is able to manage riding in Pittsburgh despite the challenges in the city. The self driving vehicle is able to recognize the lanes, signage and other vehicles on the road. The online transportation company offers the public to hail in the autonomous vehicle, however a driver and an engineer are present in the front seat, so that they can take over the vehicle from the automatic mode to the manual mode when in need. This makes the public understand about the new tech and the company can also find out the ways and means to improve the tech even further.

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