Twitter Record, 75 Million Tweets on Election Night

Twitter has smashed its previous record of tweets for an American election night, with 75 million tweets being sent throughout the night.

The number is over double that of the 2012 president election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, where 31 million tweets were sent throughout the course of the evening.

Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his delight at the result, claiming that the “forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again.”

Trump has far outperformed Clinton on both Twitter and Facebook, with a larger and faster growing following, whilst creating far greater overall post engagement.

Twitter also offered its own election coverage in partnership with BuzzFeed throughout election night.

The news is a rare bright spot for Twitter, which is currently experiencing financial difficulties, political controversy, and stagnant user growth.

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The news will likely be bittersweet for Jack Dorsey and the majority of company employees, who, along with most Silicon Valley companies, overwhelming opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy for president of the United States.

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