Twitter cocktail machine turns your tweets into mixed drinks

Twitter can be a source for many things – like by-the-minute news or cat GIFs – but now it can also help create mixed drinks too, thanks to the Data Cocktail machine.

Taking social media to a whole new level, Clément Gault and Koi Koi Design created the Data Cocktail machine, which picks up keywords from five recent tweets and interprets them into cocktails.

The machine is powered by Adruino hardware and software, and uses words, hashtags and even mentions tweeted to @datacocktail to choose up to six ingredients for a cocktail.

Once the cocktail is made, the machine will print out an ingredients list, or keywords ratio, based on the words and tweets the cocktail was inspired by. It’ll even tweet back a thank you for those whose tweets helped create the cocktail.

Ingredients and keywords can also be changed as needed, making the cocktail creations a lot more unique and fun.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy your own Data Cocktail, but the makers note that it could be used for events or parties, picking up tweets from personal or company accounts. Let’s hope it becomes purchasable before the holiday season comes around, because this could make corporate Christmas parties just a little more bearable.

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Via The Creators Project

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