Tim Cook is traveling: Yesterday in Beijing today in Delhi

Tim Cook is traveling: Once again, he visited Beijing, where he met the President of the new Apple Partners and uber-rivals Didi Chuxing. Following the Apple CEO travels to India to meet there again the Prime Minister.

On Monday Cook arrived in Beijing to travel by taxi the uber-rivals Didi Chuxing to an Apple Store. The taxi he shared with the Didi-Chuxing President Jean Lui, who organized a meeting with app developers for him at a local Apple Store. Didi Chuxing is more recently an Apple partner – the American company invested a princely sum in the amount of a billion dollars in the service.

Officially Apple will use the investment to “better understand the Chinese market segment” this. Some observers see a connection to the alleged Apple electric car project: Didi Chuxing will be long-term as well as Uber interest in using autonomous driving cars. Uber is already collaborating with Apple’s largest competitor, Google.

With or without electric car plans: The Chinese market is very important for Apple, which also makes numerous trips Cooks show in the country. Recently there have been concerns that the Chinese government Apple is no longer so well disposed of, so the investor Carl Icahn even all his Apple shares sold. Whether Apple in China also met government representatives, is not known.

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Following his visit to the Middle Kingdom Cook travels but immediately passed into the second major Asian growth market to meet the highest representatives of the government there: On Tuesday, the Apple CEO is quoted by Reuters for the second time with Indian Prime Minister Narendra modes together to talk about Apple’s business in the country. Already last year hit Cook in the US on modes, this year traveling the Apple CEO, at least for the first time officially in his role as CEO to India.

Cook has repeatedly stressed in the recent past that he sees India as the next important growth market for Apple. Apple should now have received the green light from the GOI to the opening of Apple stores in the country – according to a recent report of the site Factor Daily it is 2017 three Apple stores by the end give in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

Even in China  Apple’s began strong growth only really after the opening of the first Apple Stores; now China is the United States the company’s second largest market.

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