This Samsung Galaxy S7 pre-order bonus will make you want it on day one

There’s now more reason to tune into Samsung’s MWC 2016 press conference, as pre-orders for its two Android phones are said to happen the very same day.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge will be announced on February 21, and the first pre-orders are said to follow immediately, according to Droid Life.

Sure, you could probably still walk into a store and buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 the day it ships, but expect to miss out on the worthwhile pre-order bonus.

The Samsung Gear VR is reportedly acting as a pre-order incentive if you put money down ahead of time on either phone from February 21 through March 10.

A Samsung Gear VR on every head

Bundling the first Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 pre-orders with a free Gear VR headset is a win-win situation for consumers and Samsung.

For you, it’s a savings of $99 (£80) on an accessory that’s incredibly fun to use. It’s a great way to get into the virtual reality craze without spending a lot of money on an Oculus Rift.

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For Samsung, it puts the VR headset onto more heads just when the competition is heating up. Oculus Rift lands in March and HTC Vive is will soon be vying for your very real money.

There’s also the rumored LG 360 VR and, eventually, the inevitable Apple VR. Microsoft, not to be left out, is focusing on AR with the HoloLens and Google Cardboard may have a successor.

Samsung Gear VR sold out in during the holidays, so Samsung did profit on the headset. Now it seems poised to flood the market with its brand of VR and juice up Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge pre-orders.

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