This is what happened when Google’s robot dog met a real one

Spot, Boston Dynamics’s robot dog, was built in conjunction with DARPA to be part of the US Military search and rescue services, but was decommissioned as the army deemed it not autonomous enough to be able to help in such situations. Poor Spot.

It’s also not having much luck finding a home among other dogs, either. Venture capitalist Steve uploaded footage of Boston Dynamics’ robot Spot “playing” with a real dog name Alex, who belongs to Android co-founder Andy Rubin – so you’d think he’d be pretty comfortable around technology.

Although Spot exhibits some rather nifty dog-like moves, Alex the Terrier seems less than happy about the encounter.

Boston Dynamics continues to look after Spot since being decommissioned, which apparently includes taking it for walks around the car park.

Looks like both dogs walked away from the incident before it escalated. Maybe Spot can find companionship in Dynamics’ humanoid-like robot Atlas – which is making great progress – or protect us when it starts turning on humanity.

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Good dog.

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