This is how the NASA plans to use HoloLens

Microsoft and NASA have struck a deal to develop a joint project called “Sidekick”.

So far nothing was known about this project beyond the name but recently began to appear the first details.

The joint project between Microsoft and NASA facility preview in 3D involves all kinds of tables, graphs and drawings by employees, better still, NASA astronauts.

During the event Vision Summit, technical development department of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory presented in detail how it will evolve preview 3D virtual technology through which NASA engineers will build new equipment for space exploration.

Virtual technology preview will help NASA cut costs when it comes to the construction of prototypes for various advanced devices. Now all objects in advanced stages of design will be tested in a virtual environment so that each detail to be checked at scale.

Although the level of detail that the Sidekick software gives engineers at NASA is the current one reduced head JPL hopes that future technical diagrams and models to be more complex.

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No one knows exactly how much interest will remain this technology in NASA, but it is clear that the space agency has big plans with Microsoft glasses.

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