These hack-proof chips might actually keep your credit card information safe

MIT researchers and semiconductor company Texas Instruments say its new radio-frequency (RFID) chips is ‘hack-proof’ and could keep your credit cards safer.

RFID chips, which can be found in credit cards and security badge, can become vulnerable through what MIT explains as “side-channel attacks,” which uses fluctuations in a power source to attack the chip.

This could potentially, though with some difficulty, occur when you use your credit card using the contactless payment option.

MIT’s researchers have come up with two solution to this power-based side-channel attack, including an on-board power supply “whose connection to the chip circuitry would be virtually impossible to cut” and using a a set of “‘nonvolatile’ memory cells that can store whatever data the chip is working on when it begins to lose power.”

Of course, now that MIT has called its RFID chip technology hack-proof, there are likely to be those to try and hack the new tech, but for now, it seems a positive step toward a safer RFID system.

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