These could be future Moto G and Moto X

According to the latest looks, that future phones will keep design Moto, previous models.

In January 2014, Motorola was acquired by Google-Lenovo and the success they had in just two years has been remarkable.

Moto G Launched in early 2014 that drove sales from 0% to 6% in the UK and in the third quarter 2014, sales reached 10 million handsets. However, Lenovo announced that it would abandon the Motorola name.

Moto X Moto G

Keep in turn, the brand Moto as part of the designation of products that have made a good impression lately, but Moto smartphones will be under the Lenovo brand.

Images with future handsets launched by Chinese were quick to emerge, and they reveal future models Moto X and Moto G. As people write Headlines Android devices with plastic back could be Moto G and the backs metal could be premium models Moto X.

Moto X Moto G

Lenovo would introduce a smartphone mid important to the United States this year, and already numerous publications claim that would be about one of the phones mentioned earlier.

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Lenovo recently managed for the first time, to record gains after it bought and revitalized Motorola brand. The movement was well received by the market, increasing sales Motorola phones earlier this year by 25%.

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