These are the Golden Globe 2016 nominees from Netflix, Hulu and Amazon

Streaming services have proven they can stand up strong against traditional broadcasters when it comes to original programming, with Netflix taking the top spot for the most nominations for the 2016 Golden Globes, which were announced this morning.

Netflix, which has announced it will have 31 original shows in 2016, dominated with 8 nominations, beating out past top dog HBO, which last year had 15 nominations for the Golden Globes, and this year has 7 nods.

Amazon and Hulu have also proven they have the chops to compete with traditional broadcasters.

Amazon Originals garnered 5 nominations, and though Hulu just got just the one nomination, it still beat out NBC, which got no nominations at all this year and is the network on which the Golden Globes 2016 awards ceremony is broadcast.

Internet TV shows that could win

Netflix’s Narcos and Orange is the New Black got two nominations each, while House of Cards, Frank and Gracie and Master of None each received a nod, as did it’s first feature film, Beasts of No Nation.

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Hulu received it’s single nomination for Casual, while Amazon got two nominations for Mozart in the Jungle and three for Transparent.

We’re going to also include HBO in this list, as the cable network falls into an interesting category this year, having launching it’s own standalone, cable-cutter’s option, HBO Now.

HBO’s TV series nominees include Silicon Valley and Game of Thrones received only one nomination each, while Veep got two, while itsTV movies or “limited series” Bessie, Show Me a Hero and Nightingale each received a nod as well.

Interestingly, the “Best TV series, comedy” category has basically been taken over by streaming services this year, with the nominees made up of Orange is the New Black, Silicon Valley, Transparent, Veep, Casual and Mozart in the Jungle.

Still, while it’s great to see non-tradtional broadcasters receive attention, we’ll have to wait and see how well they actually do during the awards ceremony on January 10.

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