The Division Update 1.5 Confirmed for November 29th

After a delay of sorts due to certification issues, Ubisoft Massive have confirmed that Tom Clancy’s The Division on the PS4 will be receiving update 1.5 tomorrow.

PS4 servers will be taken offline from 9:30 AM CET to 12:30 PM CET with the patch size being roughly 7-9 GB in size.

Blueprints will not be missing for PS4 players as Massive is currently working on a fix.

It should be noted this is the free update for the game, not the new Survival DLC which will be releasing on December 20th for PS4.

Update 1.5 provides new weapons, new weapon types, Named apparatus portions, the usual weapon balance alterations and a brand new World Tier with equipment score items going as much as 256 for players to engage in.

With Survival already being on hand on Xbox One and PC, this can be an exceptional method for PS4 avid gamers to move the time except for the DLC releases for them.

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