The Xperia Z6 is dead, confirms Sony

Sony has confirmed suspicions that it will not launch an Xperia Z6. In a statement to techradar, the company said that it has entered a “new chapter” with the X series – leaving the Z range behind.

For a few days now there have been murmurings that Sony’s new X series would replace the Z range. Now we have clarification that the Z6, at least, will not be happening.

“Although we can never confirm about the future possibilities of our product line-up, we can share with you that we have no plan to launch Xperia Z6 at this stage,” a Sony spokesperson told us in a statement.

“As announced, we have entered a new chapter of our Xperia brand by launching the new X series at MWC. “

At MWC, the company revealed its new mid-range X and XA, which share many similarities with Sony’s Z range – but don’t quite feel like flagship replacements.

While Sony hasn’t said the Z series is dead completely, it seems like whatever the Z6 might have been will actually arrive as an X – whatever it looks like when it does.

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